Essential Oils

For Health and Radiance

My Story With Essential Oils

In our home, doTERRA Essential Oils provide us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. Plant medicine has been part of my staying healthy for 20 years. I have experienced its powerful, healing effects.

I went through a sudden and shocking divorce. In the moments where I couldn’t meditate or do the practice I’d relied on for so many years, it was these oils that got me through.

I carried the lavender with me everywhere. It calmed me and soothed me when I felt paralyzed. In these moments I would rub the lavender on my throat and it helped me speak words that needed to be spoken.

I used to diffuse oils a lot, but between being a Mama and the intense schedule of life it had all fallen away. So taking the time again to check in with my needs, have beautiful aromas in my house, and take healing baths again has been so supportive. These beautiful products have inspired me to take care of myself and my home, creating a sanctuary for my daughter and me to come home to.

How Essential Oils Heal in My Life

Prem fell out of bed onto the wood floor with a big thud, she cried for a bit as I picked her up and cuddled her. Then she said, “Mama put lavender oil on my head, then I’ll feel better.” Wow, I thought, yes! It soothes both of us emotionally so quickly. Did you know it’s great for communication too? It works on emotional honesty and feeling safe enough in yourself to communicate. I have noticed it help me in some of the most stressful moments in my life. I am never without it. You can also put it straight on cuts and scrapes. It won’t sting at all. I want other Mama’s and families to have these tools in their homes too.

DoTerra’s Breathe took away mine and Prem’s nightly cough that we had had for 3 weeks! We put the diffuser on for 2 hours and then slept through the night. I was amazed. I also rub it on Prem’s feet when she is congested and it helps her so much. These oils should be part of every home natural medicine kit in their house.

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